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I was never able to stay focused and remain consistent during my gym training so I decided to find a way to stay committed to it. I am sure it already happened to you in the past: you didn’t want to go sweat at the gym and do those hard series of workout. If you let yourself go into that pattern and skip one day of training then it may become a habit without you noticing it. We all have our days when we tend to skip tasks, I was not any different: I hated so much doing “leg-day” that every week when it was time to train that muscle I found myself trying to avoid it!

A few tips that helped me to step my game to the next level:

1- Find your WHY

It is the reason that will keep you motivated when you do not want to go train instead of trying to make up good excuses to skip it. Your “Why” might be because you want to feel “good”, “healthy” or because of your work needs. Sometimes it is just because you are trying to remain “fit” but whatever the reason may be you need to have a “why”.

2- Prioritize your training

Schedule your training: personally I start my day at the gym so that I start fresh, get done with my training and avoid any chances of skipping my training. We all have a busy life, with school, traffic, kids, work or social life. Training isn’t different: you need to plan it as you would plan for a party with your friends on a Friday night. You have to mark it in your agenda part of your schedule: when and where you will go so that once it is noted you don’t have the choice to skip it.

3- Going into the zone

Make sure to have a good playlist to keep you motivated. I use music to put myself into my own world so I can focus on my training and give it all I have. You can also watch my videos to get you pumped-up before training. That is one of the reasons I share them: to keep you motivated.


4- Pre-Workout

Another thing that helps me a lot is to drink a “pre-workout”: it will give you a little boost of energy that you need for the training. There is a lot of good “pre-workout” so you need to try them in order to find the right one for you. Me personally I don’t use any, I just take a coffee.

5- Have Fun

You need to have fun and enjoy your workout because if you always think about it negatively of course you will want to skip it. Learn to love the process. There will be some exercise you hate doing but challenge yourself in order to have fun. Let’s say you hate squat; fix and objective that you need to achieve in the next month. Example : You are able to do 5 times 145 pounds, try to do 5 times 175 by the end of the month.

I hope these tips will help you hit the gym and maximize your session. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my Blog. More FREE tips are coming soon,

Stay tuned.

Now go train as hard as you can!