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Everyone wants to get ripped and achieve the beach body that they always desire. Personally since I can remember, I hated to do cardio and never had motivation doing it but its also part of being in good shape. I’ve found a type of cardio I enjoy doing and which is, by the same token, also very good to build muscle while getting lean and losing body fat.

First of all, let me explain to you the 3 types of cardio you can do, so you understand better why you need it and which one is for you. All types of cardio are good but depending on your end goal, it’s important to know what you doing it for.


The first one will be called fat burning cardio, you need to do cardio in order to have your heart beat at approximately 65% capacity but for a long period of time (30 to 50 minutes).

Second type is called the aerobic cardio, this one you will use it to perform activity like marathon or cycling. Aerobic capacity describes the functional capacity of the cardiorespiratory system, (the heart, lungs and blood vessels). Aerobic capacity is defined as the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during a specified period, usually during intense exercise. Your heartbeat needs to be close to 80% with the duration of your choice.  You can start with less time and increase it, as you get better.

The last type is the one I’m using, we’ll call it muscle building cardio and the way I enjoy doing it is with HIIT (HIIT stand for high intensity interval training). It doesn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes so it’s quick and efficient. You want to aim for 90%+ heart rate when you do you effort. There are a lot of ways you can do HIIT training, you can sprint for 30 sec and then walk for 1 minute or you can combine few exercise like squat + push up + pull up, you do 15-10-5 AMRAP (as many rep/round as possible) or any other types of interval you enjoy doing which makes you go all in and then rest for a short time before going back all in.

An other reason why HIIT is very good is because it will continue to affect your metabolism for the rest of your day even if you’re not at the gym.  By increasing your resting metabolic rate (RMR) for the following 24 hours due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and also significantly lowers insulin resistance, it causes skeletal muscle adaptations that result in enhanced skeletal muscle fat oxidation and improved glucose tolerance. That means you will burn more fat during the day and allow you to shred faster and achieve your results faster.

To sum up, you can do HIIT cardio everywhere why no material needed so you have no excuses to skip it and also it’s only a quick 15 minutes so you can include it anywhere in your schedule. It’s also a good way to push yourself over the limit and feel proud of what you accomplish during your session.