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This is the most common supplements you will take. I would never suggest to replace nutrition with supplementation. The key to growth and good health is to supply your body with the right nutrition and then compensate with supplementation 🙂

Fish Oil (Omega 3)

  • Help with Fat Burn
  • Help eliminate inflammation
  • Reduce Cardiovascular / Heart Disease
  • Help blood pressure / diabetes by lowering blood lipid and cholesterol level
  • Control sugar blood level



  • It will supply your body with all the vitamin and mineral building blocks you need or might be missing from your alimentation


Powdered Greens

  • We all know the good effect of green vegetables, well if you are similar to me and you don’t eat enough of them this will help to make sure you get enough.



  • Very good for fat loss
  • Help Natural Metabolite
  • Transfer long-chain amino acids like triglycerides
  • Oxidized to produce energy into mitochondria
  • Can help you Increase your strength
  • Help slow down the bone loss process and improve bone micro structural properties by decreasing bone turnover



  • Fastest amino acid
  • Best for recovery
  • Over 61% of skeleton muscle is glutamine
  • Primary transporter of nitrogen into your muscle cells
  • If depleted (your body is lacking of it), it decreases strength, stamina and recovery
  • Boost your immune system
  • Help you produce growth hormone level



  • Best amino acid to help stimulate muscle growth
  • Stimulates muscle hypertrophy
  • Help Recovery
  • Increases protein synthesis



  • Increases muscle strength and size
  • Enhances recovery
  • Enhances brain function
  • Improves performance
  • Increase energy during your workout


  • Help immune system
  • Essential for protein synthesis / cellular energy
  • Protection of your liver, supports prostate health and maintain reproductive system health



  • Balance sodium and potassium within the cells
  • Help heart function and transporting neurochemicals essentials to muscle function
  • Reduce chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia
  • Help with muscle cramps



  • Help lower your cholesterol
  • Help maintain bone density and strength
  • Help Modulate the inflammatory response and increase weight loss



  • Help stimulate brain and depressant for the brain
  • Improve sleep quality


Vitamin C

  • Antioxidant
  • Help with skin, scar tissues, tendons, ligament and blood vessel
  • Healing of wounds, repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth
  • Help reduce stress
  • Natural cortisol blocker




Vitamin D

  • Help insulin resistance
  • Inflammation
  • Obesity
  • Stronger Bone and increase muscle function


Chromium Picolinate

  • Help with blood sugar level



  • Boost brain communication between cells



  • Increase ATP and energy level (5g/day max 20g)


Grape Seed Extract

  • Most potent anti-oxidants (15-20 better than vitamin E)


N Acetyl L-Tyrosine

  • Improve Workout Intensity and Recovery (1.5g before and after workout)


L-Hornitine HCL

  • Initiate release of HGH
  • Increase Fat Loss


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thank you for reading