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Some of you are training since a long time, others just started but we all agree that we are never physically at our 100%. I mean, we all have some injuries or some parts that are tighter or causing some pain. Personally, I can’t remember once in my life where I trained without having some pain or soreness or tension. We need to train through that pain without getting it worst or even worse, injure ourselves. I had a motorcycle accident approximately 3 years ago and I am still recovering from that pain. Most of you might identify to feeling some pain and tension while working out, so I will explain to you how to avoid hurting your body.

I decided to help you getting ready to maximize your workout and heat your body before going all in. When I started, I refused to stretch or warm up because I thought it was for weak people and I had too much ego. Guys, I’m telling you if you want to win, you need to leave your ego at home and start doing things the right way, heavy charges need preparation. So what exactly do I need to be 100% ready and avoid any kind of injuries?

Before any workout you need 10 to 15 minutes of warm up exercises, to stretch your body, get rid of the stiffness and increase your blood flow. First thing you need to do is foam rolling (the lighter the color the softer it is). This will relax your muscle. You also need to roll in the same way as your muscle, so most of the time up and down. Use it on all your muscles even muscles you are not training that day because they will be solicited anyways.

Next thing you need to do after your body is relaxed is to rise up your temperature so we’ll be doing some exercises. Those are some exercises you can use: Half-kneeling hip-flexor stretch, Half-kneeling thoracic rotation, Hip raise or Single-leg hip raise, Spiderman climb, Spiderman climb with reach, Air squat, Reverse lunge with reach and twist, Side lunge with touch, Cossack lunge, Jog, Side shuffle, High-knee run. There is a few more you can find and I will also make a good video to give you some example on how to perform those.

Regarding stretching, you need to do it after training, spa, shower or anything raising your body temperature to avoid injury. Best advice is after training since your muscles went trough contraction, so they are ready to be extended. There’s many type of stretching, you need to avoid swinging, going to hard or stretching to far without letting your body adjust. Most of the stretch should last at least 20 sec to 1 minute and complete session shouldn’t be more than 20 minutes. My last tips would be to be in a good mood of relaxation and focus on your breathing.


Stretching type
Static stretching
Dynamic stretching
PNF Method
Contract-Relax Method (CR)
Contract Antagonist-Relax Method (CA)
Fascial Stretching
Don’t forget you better leave your ego at home and prepare your body to rock your training than suffer from injuries and lose all the efforts from the last few months. Also by doing that, you will be able to perform better and lift more weights. You need to do this before every workout. If you want, after your training, you can also do a small jog or anything similar to increase your blood flow. Finally, you can stretch again if you feel you need it after your workout. The most important thing is to listen to your body.

Hope those tips will help you to get your dream shape.

Talk to you later and now go into the gym.