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First let me start by saying that I try to use the least amount of lifting equipment as possible while working out. Lifting equipment is used in order to help your body support and lift heavier-than-normal weight. Powerlifters tend to use these aids more than any other type of lifter. The main reason is because the extremely heavy weight being used makes your body more susceptible to injury. By using specific equipment, you can reduce your chances of bodily injury.

Today I’ll be talking specifically about straps and wraps (knee and wrist), we all seen people lifting with that equipment and ask our self if we really need those.

Wrist straps are very commons; they are used in order to help u hold heavier weight by aiding your grip. There are few types of straps you can buy, long or short and some are in leather other are in cloths but you need to try them and find the one you prefer. First of all just to make it clear straps are there ONLY to help you when it’s necessary, so don’t use them at all the times to hold a bar. The best time to use them is when you do barbell row, shrugs or deadlift with a lot of weights. They will help to prevent your hands being torn up so you can focus on doing the right motion and lift more weight. As I mentioned it’s important to avoid wearing them all the time so you don’t become dependent and weaken your body. Finally, a quick tip when you use the long straps; you need to start wrapping them underneath the bar first, not over, and then, when you hold them, you can roll the barbell until they tight up.

To sum up, remember that your body is the most perfect thing and it doesn’t need all those equipments but they sure can help you to redefine your limit if they are well used. They will only be beneficial if you don’t overuse them otherwise you will become dependent and they will weaken you.